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United states flag and dog leash.  Rosary beads and St. Benedict Crucifix.
patriotic beads
rosary beads leather dog leash
rosary beads dog leash
Handcrafted leaather dog leash. Gold stamped with biblical scripture.  Brass snap, rosary beads.
Leather dog leash handcrafted in America. Designed for prayer warriors with a love for the rosary.
Labrador puppy on leather dog leash
Our Lady of Guadalupe and dog
Labrador puppy on dog rosary dog leash
child with leather dog leash

Rosary Walk Dog Leash with Crucifix

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A handsome Made in America deluxe leather leash with an ingenious design featuring a corpus cross with the St. Benedict medal built-in, and a decade of beautiful wooden beads for Hail Mary's, plus an extra ebony wood bead for the Our Father prayer. The deerskin-lined handle provides a soft, comfortable feel.  This dog leash makes it easy to pray while walking your dog! 

The leash is 1 inch in width by 5 feet in length (common leash dimensions). It features a strong brass snap that swivels so your leash never gets "twisted."  

Spend more time praying for family, church and country when you take your dog for his daily walk by using your handsome rosary walk leash!




Customer Reviews

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Pamela Nelson
Awesome Dog leash!

We love this rosary leash and we were so surprised be the exceptional quality and it's beauty!!! Walking the dog has become a grace walk instead of a chore. I encourage all dog owners to purchase one!

Perfect encouragement

I love the rosary and I’m learning to love walks with my daughter’s dog thanks to being able to pray the rosary while we walk. I’ve tried this in the past by carrying a separate rosary in one hand while handling a leash in the other…needless to say, the walks stopped. That is until I found this great leash! The beads are perfectly spaced in the handle too & the flexibility of the leather is great. Definitely aids in prayer so I keep walking!

Thank you Bethany, for this glory report! Just love to hear how the leash is working well for our customers and is pleasing our Blessed Mother in Heaven with more rosaries being said!

Veronica Ranieri
An excellent leash!

I was given one of these leashes and collars as a gift, and I am so pleased with them. They are very high quality, with beautiful stitching and leather. They are both comfortable to the touch and reassuringly sturdy. The rosary beads and crucifix are a unique and lovely addition to the leash. Thank you!

Janet Whalen
Ora et Ambulara

I knew the leash would be good when I ordered it but was astounded when I received it. The quality is well worth the money. It is sturdy and fits in my hand well even when my large, enthusiastic puppy pulls on me. The leash does not dig into my hand but is very comfortable. It was a blessing to finger the rosary with the reminder that we are all in His Hands.

Rita Hundt Pincsak
" My Rosary Walk Dog Leash"

I try to always pray the rosary while walking my dog. The "Rosary Walk Dog Leash" is perfect....and so beautifully designed. No forgetting, fumbling or dropping the rosary...my rosary is always there! I love it!!