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Our inspiration

Holy Cats & Dogs honors God's creatures who serve as our companions on the journey. We created the original "rosary walk leash" which appeals to the the universal Christian call to pray for those in need and those who have lost their way. We make quality handsome leather leashes and collars that are worthy of our loyal dogs and cats.

When homeschooling our children, I read and reread to them a beautiful picture book called The Tale of Tobias. Based on the bible's Book of Tobit, it tells the story of two righteous, suffering families' pleas to heaven for help. (The author of the book told the story from the dog's perspective - very clever!)

God the Father's answer to their prayers is an adventure with the Archangel Raphael and a dog who serves as his companion on a journey of healing and casting out demons. You will find the Book of Tobit very easy to read, the best version is the Douay Rheims bible which has the most detailed reference to the dog. 

How did the rosary walk leash come to be?

Our family began our journey of dog ownership after the birth of our first child (of four).  Bruno, our first labrador puppy, was an extra tall golden lab - I remember him as being amazingly kind and patient with our four young children. Since Bruno passed, we have been so fortunate to have several wonderful dogs, all a part of our family. As a traditional Roman Catholic, the rosary has become a daily essential that I can't live without. At some point, the fussing with not enough hands to hold the rosary, leash and other essentials on my dog walks demanded a solution. With the help of my clever brother Dan, we designed the original rosary walk leash that we hope will inspire you to never miss a day without saying the rosary for family, church and country! With several family members serving in the military, we ask you to remember to pray for our military servicemen and women, and our military Chaplains. 

Jesus greek icon and rosary beads


Our hope is that you grow in your love for prayer, and especially for praying the rosary - a meditation on the life of Christ.  

Sarah Quinones
Owner HC&D/Creator of the Rosary Walk dog leash