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Frequently asked questions about Holy Cats and Dogs

Are your products made in America?
Yes, our products are designed, and manufactured in America.  The holy medals and crosses are foreign-made. 

How do I pray on the beads with my new rosary walk leash?
1. First you make the sign of the cross. 

2. Then at the you begin by saying the Creed, followed by an Our Father at the top of the cross, then saying the three Hail Mary's moving your thumb to Jesus's hands and feet. Finish with the Glory Be on the cross.

3. On the first bead, you say the Our Father. This bead is made of ebony wood which is also described as the "heart wood," a reminder that our prayers should come from our heart.

4. the next four beads are Hail Mary's, then you flip the handle over and continue praying the last 6 Hail Mary's from top to bottom.

5. Then flip back to the front and say the Glory Be on the Cross. Then start over again with the next mystery of the rosary, starting on the Our Father Bead.