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St Francis and the Animals

I recently read St. Francis of Assisi, the biography written by G.K. Chesterton (photo above).  Chesterton's book opened my eyes to the significance of this Saint who lived in the 13th century, and how his radical conversion helped him see needed reform in the church. Francis understanding of Jesus Christ lit a fire to reform and transform the church from being the domain of primarily the clerical and the powerful, to the church being the door of Salvation for all. His apparently great fondness for animals has made him a popular saint among pet owners. And, we sure need heaven's help with our pets sometimes....

I have a special memory of St Francis saving our big yellow lab from a disastrous end, on an occasion that he had bolted from our home.  I was homeschooling our four children at the time, and felt this was it, Bruno's gone forever! So in a state of genuine desperation, I said a prayer asking St. Francis to protect dear Bruno. An hour or so passes, I got the call to come to pick up our dog.  After driving several miles, I came up the driveway of a beautiful home, and my eyes fell upon Bruno sitting next to a statue of St. Francis!  No kidding!  Thanks St. Francis for caring for our pets!